As an Oracle Gold Partner with subject matter expertise in assessing systems and defining capabilities using visualization and analytics, we know how to safely warehouse your data, harden and secure your system, and tune for maximum performance.


OASYS has deep subject matter expertise and decades of experience within big data & analytics, including precedent-setting work with the U.S. Army Bulk CBM Data (ABCD) standard beginning in 2010 (see below). Our experts assess your systems and define the capabilities needed to make your big data initiatives a success. We design IT architectures that successfully handle the volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value of your data, while overcoming challenges that include analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer and visualization.

Our big data & analytics capabilities consist of the following:

  • Data visualization & analytics
  • Fast prototyping
  • Data warehousing
  • Database performance tuning

Past Performance

OASYS has implemented big data solutions for the following government clients:

  • AMC
  • BLS
  • HQDA G1
  • Joint Services
  • MDA

OASYS personnel were instrumental in developing the Army Bulk CBM Data (ABCD) file standard, specifically tailored for use with large amounts of parametric and sensor measurements. This standard has been adopted by the Army to support data warehousing activities across the LCMCs. ABCD has helped ensure the efficiency and viability of the CBM+ data warehouse by enabling very large data sets to be managed and stored. As part of this work, we implemented, and had sustainability responsibilities for, the CBM+ warehouse that holds over nine years of aircraft equipment parametric, sensor and maintenance data. OASYS provided systems engineering, software life cycle support, software implementation and sustainment efforts for the data warehouse, leveraging Army data standards and Oracle expertise to make CBM data searchable and easily retrievable by the end users. In addition to parametric data stored in the ABCD format, the warehouse also houses database feeds from MCDS and ULLS-A(E). ULLS-A(E) databases are received nightly from all aviation units across the army and consolidated into a single view for presentation to the end user on a daily basis. OASYS’ Oracle experts have been instrumental in delivering high-end performance to data warehouse customers.

OASYS also architected a gaming studio solution for the Federal Government using a NoSQL and Oracle Coherence Cache solution that increased response time in linear fashion. Oracle Coherence Cache was utilized to store and respond with previously requested information, negating work creation on the database server. Using Coherence Cache dramatically decreased response time and resulted in a scalability multiplier of the application server by reducing CPUs and high-speed disk requirements.

Development Tools

Our big data development tools consist of the following:

  • Oracle: Oracle Database 11g-12c, SuperCluster, Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Data Miner, WebLogic
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark, ELK, Coherence, Qlik, Databricks
  • BI & Data Visualization: OBIEE, Qlik Sense, Graph Analytics, Location Visualization