OASYS provides critical support for technical, operational and strategic activities that encompass program management, financial reporting, regulations, publications, master schedules, data management and training, among others, with fairness and full transparency.


OASYS takes a technical, strategic and operational approach to programmatics, providing critical support with fairness and full transparency across all areas of the development process from start to finish. We are proactive and maintain a results-oriented mindset on every project, anticipating challenges and implementing minor course corrections early in the process.

Our team is actively involved in program management, reporting, regulations, publications, process and quality assurance, training and data management, among other areas. We have a strong track record of success on multiple projects, providing stability and continuity in each step of the process while earning the respect of multiple parties. And once deployed, our team stays in place through project completion.

Our specific programmatics capabilities include the following:

  • Risk management
  • Process improvement & quality assurance
  • Requirements development & analysis
  • In-process reviews (IPR)
  • Project management & scheduling
  • Program management reviews (PMR)
  • Critical design reviews (CDR)
  • Integrated product teams (IPT)
  • Program management
  • Army regulations & publications
  • Materials acquisition
  • Foreign military sales
  • Property management
  • Technical writing
  • Budget analysis
  • Financial reporting
  • Integrated master schedules (IMS)
  • Configuration & data management (CADM or CM)
  • Training development & support

Past Performance

We have direct programmatics experience with the following government clients:

  • AMC
  • BLS
  • Joint Services
  • MDA
  • PEO C3T
  • TSMO
  • WDI