OASYS invests in its employees by offering a comprehensive benefits package that is among the best in the industry, including traditional healthcare and retirement benefits as well as many other unique benefits that enhance the lives of our employees and their families. 

Employee Ownership at OASYS

Since we instituted our employee stock ownership program (ESOP) several years ago, we have seen significant growth in our company and greater alignment among our employees. To date, over 70% of eligible employees have elected to participate in our plan. New employees also have the opportunity to participate in the program upon meeting certain minimum requirements.

At OASYS, employee-owners not only have the ability to grow and expand their careers here, but they can participate in the incremental value created during their tenure. OASYS employees can directly influence the growth and direction of the company while also building wealth over time on a pre-tax basis (similar to a 401k retirement savings account). Our incentives are aligned when we work together–greater career growth, greater company growth, superior outcomes for our government clients.